7 Reasons to switch from iPhone to android

It’s 2021, and even after introducing dozens of Android mobiles, the iPhone 12 series continues to govern the sales chart. But there is still a majority population who would choose an Android 12 gb ram phone over a fancy iPhone, any day. 

Comparing the rates of both android and iPhone would give you a clear idea about the price difference. The oneplus phone price is not steep like the iPhone 12. Besides, the features offered by iPhone can be easily availed in a typical 12gb ram phone from Android flagship. 

Wondering how? Well, if you’re among the sceptical population and about to switch from iPhone to android, read on to find the top reasons for making the switch.

The best points why you should consider switching from iPhone to android

In this list below, we will talk about the benefits of android’s flagship hardware and the apparent superiority of android, which makes it worth swapping from an iPhone.

  1. Personalization options

Android is always ahead of iOS as it offers customization options that are not available in iPhone. Beginning from the home screen to the display icons, android phones can even have personalized widgets. At the same time, the iPhone is limited to the rows and column pattern as usual. 

Android supports launchers like Nova and Evie, and they not only enhance the look of the phone. They add more icons, swipes, and gestures for navigating your phone. 

  1. Integration with the Google Assistant

Even after years of development, Siri doesn’t compare to Google’s top assistant. Speech recognition and quick responses are much better on Google Assistant than on Siri. Technically, the Google Assistant is also available on the iPhone.

  1. MicroSD card support

Major Android flagships have already dropped microSD support. But do you know that the world’s best-selling Android device (Galaxy A51) still has a microSD card slot? It is a convenient and inexpensive way to expand the storage space on your device. 

We understand the current trend with cloud storage services, but nothing beats the convenience of adding a 256GB memory card to store and move media files on the go.

  1. Wide range of options to prefer from

Are you agitated about the price of android phones? Well, you will get a large number of options to choose from. The oneplus phone price and other android models are available at a variety of prices. 

If you are dissatisfied with any Android phone features, you can opt for another company very quickly. However, you don’t get this chance to buy an iPhone as the options are limited. 

  1. Superior multitasking

Apart from android, no one can give you a better experience of multitasking. Keep as many apps you want in the background, arrange for a split-screen and work on both apps together without any hassle. Whether it is a 12gb ram phone or an 8 or 6 GB RAM phone, you can perform superior multitasking with dozens of apps opened. 

  1. Call recording

The iPhones do not offer you an inbuilt call recording facility. Though in some parts of the world, it allows; still, it is rare. On the other hand, android phones offer you an inbuilt call recording facility abiding by the law. The recording is automated, or you have to select the record option while on call. It is straightforward and hassle-free. 

  1. Better Cameras

If you want good zooming cameras, it is always the android phone you can trust. Be it a 10x lossless zoom lens or a 5x one; android suffices you with the best one. The camera system in these phones is handy. Whether it is your 12gb ram phone or some other model, you will get advanced cameras in android phones. 

Some users may not find a big difference between the two, but if they use an Android device with a high refresh rate display and an iPhone side by side – they will notice the smooth scrolling experience made possible in no time. 

So, when you search for top-notch phones, grab one such 12gb ram phone from the Android hub and enjoy the benefits of the most innovative and fastest technology. Then, surf, download, watch, click, and whatnot!  

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