Behind the Fame: Hidden Symbols and Relationships!

In fact for the fan and without his being aware of it, fame is quite another thing than an artist whose work he particularly appreciates. He associated emotionally strong symbols with it, such as a particular period in his life or memories of the past for which he is particularly nostalgic. The fan often also associated her with another person from his real entourage to whom he has particularly attached: a dear friend, a lover, a beloved relative with whom he has experienced pleasant events related to the music of the celebrity.

The Parasocial Interaction

In other words, the parasocial interaction with the latter often masks an attachment to a loved one for the fan, which he transferred to the star. His death rekindles, therefore, the fear of losing what he associated with him: for example, a part of his happy adolescence, happy personal memories or the loved one himself. It is not the death of the celebrity that is directly problematic, the music and his work are still present. It is also and above all the fear of losing everything that the fan has transferred onto her that is exacerbated and that causes the greatest sadness. Some fans excessively attached to their past may have great difficulty in managing this nostalgic revival and this breach in connection with their own past that opens.

The Celebrity’s Death Alters The Fan’s Personal Identity

Another aspect, unique to fan psychology, is also behind the attachment to fame. Frequently, the fan has strongly identified with her. He used it to build his identity and his own self, in key periods of his existence (childhood, adolescence, first love …). With the loss of the star, it’s part of the fan’s identity that then needs to be fixed and rearranged. If finding a psychological balance takes place without real difficulty for most, the rearrangement of his ego can become a real ordeal, long and painful, for some fans whose personal identity is strongly associated with the star.

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