Carey Mulligan, waitress by day and predator by night in “Promising Young Woman”

Attractive young woman with above-average intelligence, everything was shaping up wonderfully for Cassandra Thomas (Carey Mulligan). A medical student with a bright future, her life is derailed after a dark tragedy. Having become a waitress without ambition,

Cassie spends her days serving coffee much to the despair of her parents who are waiting for her to recover. But behind this seemingly banal daily life, Cassie hides another life. In the evening, the waitress without fuss roams the clubs and clubs, posing as a helpless creature and too alcoholic.

Inevitably a man offers to bring her home and inevitably the latter tries to abuse her. Fallen prey to the Machiavellian young woman, the “prisoner” then receives a lesson that he will not soon forget. When she finds a former college friend, will the avenger be able to get out of this dark ritual?

A thriller resonating with Me Too

Hailed for the brilliant series Killing Eve , director and actress Emerald Fennell signs a film mixing the codes of a romantic comedy with those of a macabre thriller. Without being vindictive, Promising Young Woman resonates with the Me Too movement , presenting a character who settles accounts as old as the world, with both men and women.

“What interests me here is that these are appallingly banal behaviors. Crimes, criminals, the sick and atrocities did not interest me. I am much more interested in the way in which we have all participated in this impasse which we must leave today ”, explains the director, which one could see in the series The Crown in the role of Camilla Parker-Bowles.

Between rom com and bloodbath

Presented as a mainstream film despite some violent scenes, Promising Young Woman mixes dark humor and horror. Distracting and spirited, the production evokes Gus Van Sant’s Prête à tout and the FargoJoel and Ethan Cone’s . According to Emerald Fennell, “It’s a film about a young woman who has been traumatized, but still longs for normality, and who has a good sense of humor. His heart swings, like the film, between romantic comedy and the bloodbath.

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