Celebrity Marketing Has Evolved And Become More Professional

For several centuries, celebrities and luxury have worked together. In the 19th century, the inventor of Parisian Haute Couture, Charles Worth, had already understood this clearly by asking Princess Von Metternich, wife of the Austrian Ambassador to France, for sponsorship and a partnership.

Now, Celebrity Marketing has evolved and become more professional.

It is particularly in a cognitive approach that the use of celebrities is more and more present in the strategies of luxury brands. And for good reason, the latter allows the values ​​of a brand to shine and fully liberate its creative universe. For example, the use of Georges Clooney in Nespresso advertisements has increased the brand’s turnover by 40%. According to IREP, making annual studies on the state of the advertising market in France, the overall advertising market amounted to 14,443 million euros in 2018.

According to author Jean-Noël Kapferer in his book “Luxe” (2016), dream capital constitutes the most important part in the sale of luxury. The consumer wishes to live an experience, he seeks a creative and surprising luxury in which he can participate. Luxury at the forefront of progress and digital which is, ideally, handmade with the greatest humanity. This, both in production and in the service offered.

Develop the Customer Experience

In order to avoid losing momentum, the big luxury houses needed to activate a new phase in their communication. Recently, they really put in place new means to develop the customer experience. Thus, the marketing and advertising campaigns of the brands will now go through the highlighting of a history, inspirations, or backstages. It’s a whole story that they will now develop. In recent years, luxury brands seem to have experienced a new marketing shift as they have tended to open their images to new customers, entering a more urban area.

This desire to find a new creative axis was subsequently completed by the “Supreme x Louis Vuitton” collaboration. An unexpected and successful campaign.

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