Christmas shopping Can Be a Real Headache For People

Result: even the stars did not always receive very elaborate gifts. Here is a quick overview of the celebrities who were very disappointed with their presents during the past year-end celebrations.

Gifts on The Internet

Every Christmas, some set off for the New Year with their arms laden with beautiful items offered on December 25. Others, on the other hand, are on the verge of reselling their gifts on the internet … The stars also have sometimes been entitled to presents that are a little too original from their relatives. Spotlight on these celebrities who would surely have preferred not to receive anything.

Faustine Bollaert received from those around her “a tip to avoid damaging angles” when she is painting. An unusual object, especially as the TV host told Télé-Loisirs that she has “never done DIY in her life”. Growing up, Olivier Dion got old when he received pajamas from his parents. “I understood that the era of funny gifts and toys was over,” lamented the singer to Purebreak magazine. Actress Axelle Laffont for her part has a family that visibly attaches great importance to recycling., she claimed that an aunt gave her an item of clothing “that she wore when she was younger”.

Christmas Holiday Season

When she was still a student, Marcia Cross’s parents saw fit to take advantage of the holiday season to offer their daughter a refresher course in mathematics. Probably not the kind of gift she expected … Taylor Swift’s dad, who couldn’t stand his daughter always being full of glitter, gave her ten dust rolls. From his father, actor Alessandro Nivola received a vacuum cleaner. “I think he tried to send me a message”, he said with humor. Fans also know how to joke … An admirer of Hugh Laurie, the star of Dr. House, once sent him a package complete with a pair of rubber gloves, a thermometer, and a medical dictionary.

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