Close-up On The Men’s Hairstyle Collections For Spring Summer 2020!

Long hair, short hair, retro style, surf look: there is really something for everyone when it comes to men’s hairstyles this season. After the year 2019 which gave pride of place to curly hair, let’s now take a look at the collections of the big names in hairdressing in France.

Hairstyle Collections

For summer 2020, Jean-Louis David wants to put some madness in your hair. By revisiting all the styles from the 70s to the present day, it is also a journey in hair time that we are witnessing (a little more for women than for men, by the way).

On the masculine side, we opt for a mid-length cut, with undefined sides . To vary the pleasures, and depending on the shape of your face , choose to let your hair fall to the front or, on the contrary to flat it at the back, in a 1950’s spirit.

Effective Style

For its 2020 Nature Element Moi collection, Saint Algue relies on a simple, but effective style. And especially on a frank undercut, with sides and neck cut to clear. We keep more length on the top of the head for an American-style gradient that allows you to vary styles better.

The final touch? A touch of wax with a matt effect to give the whole thing a little texture. To prepare for summer, Franck Provost takes you to the beach. For her 2020 man, the hairdresser prefers a mid-length cut, ideally with curly hair.

Wet Effect

The result: a structured, relaxed but very modern ball cut (and not an old-fashioned bowl cut, don’t worry!). A “wet effect” styling treatment ( Horace’s spray, for example) will give you that “beach look”. The urban atmosphere, streetwear inspiration. Fabio Salsa’s 2020 collection smells of the 1990s! While women revisit the pixie cut, you are invited to reclaim the short cut, gentlemen!

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