Discover Things About Justin Bieber

HBDAY Justin! It was alone and very young that Justin Bieber learned the guitar, the piano, and the trumpet. 13 years old at the time, he proves to be very talented and surprises with his powerful voice. His mother, very proud of her son’s talent, posted a video of him on Youtube and his career took off. Justin was spotted by famous rapper Usher and signed directly to an American music label. In 2010, the single Baby made its appearance in the charts and immediately met the success that you know today. Since then, Justin Bieber, who is having a blast in Los Angeles for his birthday, has been a global star and an essential artist who continues to hit the hits. So what better way than to take advantage of his birthday to (re) discover 22 things to know about him.

Phobia & Gaming!

Soccer, skiing, skateboarding, table tennis, golf, snowboarding, dancing, are the sports that the Sorry performer regularly practices Phobia: Justin is claustrophobic and hates being locked up, it’s his biggest fear. Series: Smallville and Friends are his favorite series.

Selena Gomez?

Architect: this is the job Justin would have liked to do if he hadn’t been a singer. $ 60 million: this is the amount he spent to buy a private jet in 2014 Even if Justin Bieber is often revealed half-naked on the web, he is very religious. He often prays before going on stage or before going to bed. Selena Gomez: he is the international star with whom he was the most in love. He even got the singer’s face tattooed on his forearm.

His Family

Jaxon: this is the first name of his 6-year-old little brother. Justin Bieber regularly posts photos of his family on Instagram.

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