Does Donald Trump Have Serious Reasons To Denounce Electoral “Fraud”?

Trump will not accept the result of the presidential election, which he considers “fraudulent” in several key states, including Pennsylvania (20 major voters). Which is essential for him to win. He repeated it in a statement released Friday, hours before the televised intervention of his opponent Joe Biden, reaffirming: “We will continue this process through all aspects of the Results.

Presidential Election

At this stage, and unless one or more cases of massive and verifiable irregularities are revealed in the coming days, the answer is no. Certainly, technical problems often linked to the procedures for verifying voters (errors in the registers), the lack of ballots in certain polling stations, or the voting machines (by tallying) appeared here and there. We have seen it, for example, in Ohio (18 delegates, attributed to Donald Trump by 53.5% against 45.7% for Biden), in Georgia (16 delegates, attributed for the time being to Biden with 7000 difference vote, in a state whose governor is Republican) or in New York (attributed to the Democratic candidate with 58.3% against 40.4%).

Security and Co-operation in Europe

The OSCE (Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe headed until July 2020 by Swiss diplomat Thomas Greminger) issued a press release of its observation mission in the United States, praising the “good management” of this ballot which took place under unprecedented legal pressure before the opening of the polling stations, then nearly 400 appeals had been filed in 44 States. Most, already, by the Trump camp. And most to prevent the counting of postal votes denounced for months by the outgoing president as a source of massive fraud, even though he himself voted so and some of his campaign clips defended this type of vote.

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