Dr Hasnat Khan, the one Lady Diana really loved

After twelve years of silence, the 62-year-old surgeon spoke in the columns of the Daily Mail on Friday, January 8, about his romance with the Princess of Wales and the shocking interview given by the latter to the BBC, in 1995. The opportunity to come back to the passionate idyll of a discreet couple.

There was a time Lady Diana’s lover . Hasnat Khan has since sunk into oblivion. At least he preferred to be forgotten. After twelve years of silence, the 62-year-old surgeon has yet left his reserve.

He spoke in the columns of the Daily Mail on Friday, January 8, on the accusations of manipulations formulated against journalist Martin Bashir . The reporter had conducted the shock interview with the princess with the BBC in November 1995. “I felt it was a big mistake and told Diana it was awful, but I added: “If you were on a mission, you accomplished it,” ”Hasnat Khan recalled.

Twenty-five years after the interview, Charles Spencer, the princess’s brother, accused Martin Bashir of showing him false statements of account, supposed to prove that certain close relations of Lady Diana were paid to divulge information to the secret services.

These allegations did not surprise Hasnat Khan, put off by his meeting with the journalist in January 1996. “He asked me, almost from the start, asked me very direct and personal questions about Diana and our relationship. remembered this British doctor of Pakistani origin. Why we weren’t married, when we were going to have the ceremony, that sort of thing. They were intimate matters.

The meeting of “Mr. Merveilleux”

At the time, the doctor and the princess had only known each other for a few months. “We met on August 27 ( 1995, Editor’s note ), relates Hasnat Khan. It was a bank holiday Monday and she was coming to visit one of my patients. ” Separated from Prince Charles since 1992 and in the process of divorce, Lady Diana indeed goes to the bedside of her friend Joseph Toffolo

who has just undergone a heart operation at the Royal Brompton Hospital in London. She is in the waiting room with Oonagh, the latter’s wife, when Hasnat Khan arrives. The latter greets her, little intimidated by her presence. “I doubt that in all her adult life, Diana, the Princess of Wales, made less impression on anyone!” Oonagh Toffolo recalled in the Mirror .

The same cannot be said of the main interested party. “Oonagh, isn’t he sublime?” Lady Diana reportedly said after meeting the surgeon. The princess would then have gone to the hospital daily for three weeks.

Officially, to inquire about the state of health of Joe Toffolo. Unofficially, in order to cross paths with Hasnat Khan, with whom she quickly becomes friends. “I think I met my Mr. Wonderful,” she would have slipped to Simone Simmons, her “healer”, after being alone with the surgeon in an elevator.

A discreet romance

Two weeks later, the doctor and the ex-wife of Prince Charles agree on a first appointment. “One day, we passed each other when leaving the hospital,” Hasnat Khan told the Daily Mail. She yelled at me, “Hey, where are you going?” I replied that I was going to my uncle’s house in Stratford-upon-Avon to pick up books, and I cried out, “Do you want to come?”

She said yes.” Before adding: “We drove there, and we felt this wonderful connection. He was an ordinary person, in many ways, a normal and very warm person. ” Their relationship then takes a new turn. For two years, Lady Diana and Hasnat Khan meet in private, at Kensington Palace, or in the doctor’s small apartment in Chelsea, which the princess is working to tidy up from top to bottom. In his arms, she forgets her life as a fallen princess.

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