How To Choose A Good Car Mechanic In Gurgaon: The Different Types?

Choosing the best car service center in Gurgaon or a good car mechanic is a very difficult process. Some of them work for joy, others only think of making money, and some are not shy about deceiving their clients. Thus an experienced car owner divides all the mechanics into several categories.


A mechanic who does not like cars doesn’t like work and repairs in general. His only work is to make as much money as possible and treat customers carelessly can do poor work and take many cars at a time. In addition, he does not even dress as a car mechanic but as a passer-by from the street. Have you arrived at such a car mechanic 30 minutes before the end of the working day? Be prepared for the fact that he will no longer accept you.


Usually, these types of mechanics are found in body repair shops. Grabbers have modest Chinese tools, and they modestly complete their job but with a scary shift that’s hard to imagine. These workshops should be avoided because two days will drag on for two weeks. They love to feed customers with breakfast, and even their repair costs will not differ much from the prices with a car dealership.

Lying Mechanics

They are found in every other car service center in Gurgaon. As the name suggests, he lies at every step. In addition, he uses Chinese parts and boasts to clients about using top-grade equipment for making any changes. Also, you must have heard about their horror stories and milking money from clients.

Patient and methodical

They are the right kind of good car mechanic in Gurgaon with a small garage and simple types of equipment. However, they are the master of their craft and can repair almost everything. If there comes an instance where he can not do the repair, he can send you to his friends who have those types of equipment. Also, these kinds of mechanics charge adequately and do average, not fast, but not slow.

Normal auto mechanic

These mechanics are found in the best car service center in Gurgaon. They will first listen to you carefully and then ask additional questions based on your requirement. After that, he will carefully look at your car and show how much the work will cost. In addition, he will detail the service cost with the best/worst option and offer different ways to solve the problem from the most economical to the “luxury” one. He will always show the defective parts before replacing them with new ones and do everything the owner requires, giving his recommendations in advance.

If the owner cannot see the car, a “good car mechanic in Gurgaon” will photograph or film everything and send it to the customer.  The mechanic will do the work with high quality and on time, without problems and jambs. Usually, dealership services like to raise the price of vehicle repair and maintenance decently. But at the same time, in Gurgaon, car repair from a good car mechanic guarantees to provide high-quality services.

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