How to remove blood from a fabric sofa?

Stains on fabric tend to be exasperating and annoying – and blood is no exception. If you or someone in your family accidentally cuts themself and bleeds on the couch, it can be pretty difficult to scrub out the stain. Many people give up pretty quickly and decide that they’ll have to replace the couch covers altogether. 

However, there are ways to get blood out of a fabric sofa if you act fast and invest time in stain removal. In this blog we will take a look at why blood can be such a pain to remove from fabric, and 3 reasons you need a professional to get the stains out once and for all. 

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Why is blood so hard to remove from fabric?

Blood contains a metalloprotein called hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is the compound that causes blood to “clot” when it is exposed to the air, essentially sealing the wound and stopping more blood from escaping the body. It is an essential for any wound to heal.

However, hemoglobin is also the cause of blood’s pesky attachment to any fabric it touches. This clotting action binds the blood to the fabric, making it very difficult to remove once it has dried – and it dries fast!

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3 reasons why you need a professional sofa cleaner to remove blood

Many people are reluctant to hire professional couch cleaners, which is understandable. It seems like an unnecessary expense, or even a waste of money. However, in circumstances like having blood stains, it’s important to hire a professional if you are going to get the stain out permanently.

Here are 3 reasons why you need professional sofa cleaning services Sydney to remove blood stains!

  1. Professional sofa cleaners won’t damage your couch.

With a stubborn stain like blood, it can be very easy to damage your couch in the process of removing the stain. You could be tempted to use too harsh a chemical that’ll remove the blood, but will leave a new permanent stain behind! 

A professional won’t ever damage your couch in the process of removing the bloodstain.

  1. Professional sofa cleaning services use expensive, specific equipment to remove stains.

Most regular people don’t have a steam cleaner for fabric stashed away somewhere in their home, right? When you hire a professional sofa cleaner, you can guarantee they will bring along equipment you won’t have lying around, that can easily tackle stains like blood without issue. For stains like blood, it can be very hard, or even impossible, to remove a stain with regular cleaning products and equipment. 

  1. Sofa cleaning services are super hygienic!

Not only will the bloodstain be gone for good, but your couch will be free of any nasty bacteria that has been lying around. Unfortunately, sofas can be home to billions of bacteria – so having a professional clean is never a bad thing!

Overall, removing blood from a fabric sofa is a difficult task – but with a sofa cleaning service, your couch will be stain-free in no time. 

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