There Will Be an impact on the End of Year Celebrations!

SNCF is cutting 70% of trains, there will be an impact on the end of year celebrations!

A few weeks ago, the SNCF opened the sale of train tickets for the Christmas holidays. This then made it possible to plan trips for families and certain tickets were displayed at very attractive prices. Indeed, you could plan less than 10 euros, and even 5 euros for those who were the fastest. The proposed routes were available between December 13 and January 4, 2021. However, confinement was introduced at the end of the same month and another announcement was shared by SNCF.

The situation is particularly problematic since the confinement does not allow conventional travel. The company therefore took a drastic decision, that of cutting 70% of trains for long-distance offers. This Tuesday, the announcement was made officially by the SNCF and it will take effect on Wednesday. We are therefore in a position to ask ourselves if this will have an impact for the holiday season.

The Circulation of Certain Coaches is also Suppressed

It is the input and Ouigo lines that are affected by the elimination of 70% of the trains . The removal will be done gradually and this will also significantly reduce travel. The company ensures that the rate remains low compared to the first confinement since the removal had been 93%. If the confinement is extended until Christmas, there is a good chance that the trains will also be deleted, this will not allow the French to move with their families. For now, it seems far too early to know if the Christmas holidays will be ruined or possible.

If you have booked train tickets for the Christmas holidays and the lines are still inactive, there is a good chance that the SNCF will offer a refund. We are not yet faced with this scenario, because, according to Emmanuel Macron, containment will be operational until December 1. The curfew could then be put in place and that would be the best scenario. The worst would of course be if the confinement was extended at least until mid-December.

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