Importance of training for employees using repair shop software

Continuous education and training of employees is vital for the growth of a mobile repair shop. And this involves teaching every new hire how to operate the repair shop software.

In addition to training, knowing about industry trends is also important. Which devices are trending, what accessories go with them and more. This will keep you updated and help you grow your business in an effective manner.

But before training your employees, you need to understand what training is about. This will help you identify the challenges you will face in the training process.

Why is training important?

Mobile repair industry is constantly evolving. There is an influx of new technology and new devices. This means the technicians need to brush up on their skills every now and then to be able to repair the new devices.  

Most techs in the industry have learned mobile repair through trial and error. So, proper training will help them get education and improve their skills.

Lastly, as your mobile repair business expands, you need to improve your systems. You can seek help from training experts. Training experts can guide and train your employees to learn and grow faster. This will help you expand your business and generate more revenue.

Some Common Misconceptions

Training is not as easy and smooth as it seems. You need to clear a few misconceptions and overcome challenges associated with the process.

You think you are wasting your time

Being a business owner, you think that training is a waste of time and money. You need to change your beliefs! 

Training is a kind of investment in your employees, which in return is going to benefit your own business. Your employees will be more efficient. They will learn to perform tasks more efficiently.

You think training can resolve all internal issues

You can’t resolve all your internal problems with training. There are certain problems that have nothing to do with the training. 

There could be a possibility that the problem lies somewhere else and you are trying to fix it somewhere else.

You think you need expensive trainers

You need to clear this misconception that training is about spending more money. Conduct effective training with effective mechanisms, without spending a lot of money. For this, you must introduce a peer to peer learning program among your employees.

Create trainers among your own employees. They can share information with other employees and guide them to learn and grow. Introduce discussion based learning at your repair shop. Help your employees connect and learn from each other.

Challenges and their solutions

Once you clear your mind and decide to equip your employees with training, the first thing that you should ideally start with is the repair shop software. Move on to sales training and technical know-how as needed. 

This is also the right time to identify challenges associated with the training process and try to find its solutions.

Who should conduct training?

There are two ways to go about training. One, you can hire professional trainers but that will require monetary investment. Two, you can either get involved in the training process yourself or involve your employees.

You may feel like you’re wasting a lot of your precious time training a new person when you could be working on other more important tasks. But, the time you spend training a new employee will pay off later.

They can conduct group and one-on-one sessions.

From where to get training material?

There are lots of resource materials that you can use to train employees. There are multiple Facebook groups and YouTube channels that you can get help from. You can also create your own employee handbook from your experience.

Internal trainers can also keep minutes of the discussions to use as resource material.

How do I know it is effective?

Are you going in the right direction or not? You need to evaluate your training process. This will help you improve it. Almost all businesses now have rating and review systems.

So, get feedback from your employees. It will help you improve your system. Talk to other people who previously got training and find out about their experiences. Also ask trainers where they need any assistance from you to augment the training process.  

If you have already registered your employee for a program, connect with them and get their feedback. You can send them short questionnaires and conduct meetings with them.

This will give you a clear idea on how effective the training is.

Position them wisely

Once your employees are trained enough, you need to figure out how and where they can give their best. Know their strengths and weaknesses and position them accordingly.

This will not only help them to channel their energy in a positive manner but will boost team spirit. Ultimately, team members will help your business grow.

Repair businesses have become automated through repair shop POS software. But it needs to be understood that human effort also needs improvement. Your employees also need development and growth. Through training sessions, you can help them learn and grow. Such training is vital to grow in the repair industry.

Training will no doubt require your time, energy, consistency, flexibility and understanding. But all this effort will pay you off in the long run.

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