Jamie Dornan Reveals Which Letter Has Scared Him The Most Of All The Letters He Has Received From Fans Of ‘Fifty Shades of Gray’

In the career of every actor there is always a role that, whatever you do, it will be the one that you will be remembered for all your life. And in the case of Jamie Dornan, it is clear what he is: that of the millionaire protagonist of the Fifty Shades of Gray saga.

A coveted character for whom half-Hollywood tests were done that ended up falling on the shoulders of this then-unknown British model and interpreter whose greatest professional achievement before appearing in these films was having played a murderer in the series The Fall.

But as is often the case with these strokes of fortune, what at first seemed like a gift turned into a curse. But not because Dornan was pigeonholed into such characters after spending three years in the shoes of Christian Gray; but because there are still fans unable to understand that it was just fiction. And that, as we all know, rarely ends well.

At least that is what can be deduced from the strange letters that Jamie still receives telling him about Fifty Shades: declarations of love, strange requests, confessions … Although none reaches the level of the one he received a few months ago in full quarantine at his home and whose content neither he nor his wife could believe.

“They sent me a collage of photos of an unknown child and a note saying he was my son. And not only that but also that they sent it to me because my wife had to know that she had had this 7-year-old son with another woman, “explains the actor in an interview with Variety.

“Although I think what they were really trying to tell me is that this was a son I had had with Dakota Johnson and that we had him shooting the first Fifty Shades movie, ” he says. “I’m not going to deny that the person who wrote that letter managed to get my attention, but it also scared me quite a bit,” he acknowledged.

And is not for less. If you were a single man, these things would even make you funny. But unless proven otherwise, Dornan has been faithful to his wife Amelia Warner since they were married nearly a decade ago. A happy couple who have also had three daughters together: Dulcie, seven years old; Elva, four; and Alberta, one. Come on, just like Christian Gray.

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