Jérémy Frérot has Revealed That He Was The Victim of An Accident

It has been more than 5 years since this crazy story began. Videos, concerts, two albums, unforgettable moments for Jérémy Frérot but above all your unconditional support since our beginnings, had first of all written the two artists revealed by The Voice.

And to continue: Unfortunately, in our current world, things are going faster and faster to the point that our image no longer really belongs to us. We are really sorry.

Jeremy Frerot and Flo

At the end of their 2017 tour, after the last concert on June 10, Place des Quinconces in Bordeaux, where it all started, Jérémy Frérot and Flo decided to let their road go their separate ways.

Currently, it is Jérémy Frérot who is talked about the most and it is on the occasion of the Gala that he has just delivered a very personal interview on the course of his life. He talks about all his first times, in particular the driving license obtained without a remedial session.

Companion of Laure Manaudou

However, everything did not go as planned, as the companion of Laure Manaudou tells it in this interview. Indeed, while his parents left him the family car, a convertible Golf, he was the victim of an accident. We were very proud to have one, yet I smashed it on the Bordeaux ring road, he recalls.

After a few months of media regime, well hidden in the Landes, Florian Delavéga returned to the song with a single “Eternal Spring”. And an album, “Rêveur Forêveur”, is scheduled for December 4th.

In addition, in an interview with Top music, the singer affirms that this new title speaks about the condition of the man today, after “metoo”, to go towards more equality between the women and the men. Jérémy Frérot is polishing his new album. He is looking for a title and plans to release it in 2021.

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