Justin Bieber Shaves His Hair, We Don’t Recognize Him Anymore!

After months of long hair, Justin Bieber shaved his hair on a whim. A cut that transforms him.

Justin Bieber Posted a Selfie

It’s a photo that creates buzz on Instagram. In one of his stories, Justin Bieber posted a selfie in which he reveals his new hairstyle. A sudden and radical makeover in which he said goodbye to blonde lengths since he decided to completely shave his hair. This short, clipper cut redefines the lines of her face. A new man in short, because as far as we go back in his career, Justin Bieber has rarely displayed this look. Used to following trends from stylish undercuts to shaped dreads locks, it seems that he is following a new fashion impulse, spotted on the catwalks of the last Fashion Weeks.


Apart from a brief stint in August at Cutler, Hailey Baldwin’s New York hair salon, Justin Bieber had been sporting a mid-length haircut for some time. Blond hair, disheveled, his loose style was inspired by Californian surfers. A look that earned him a lot of unexpected remarks from the media and his fans. All pointed to his resemblance to – his now-wife – Hailey Baldwin. The singer had decided to respond to his detractors with an Instagram message which stated that he would let his hair grow to the feet if necessary. After marrying Hailey Baldwin just a few months after their relationship resumed, Justin Bieber proves once again that he follows his instincts and is not by halves with this new cut.

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