Leadership Is More of A “Practice” Than A “Theory”

The study of leadership has been growing in the past century. Many leadership training programs are offering innovative theories about what it means to be a leader. Some of the leadership theories include transformational leadership, leader-member exchange theory, adaptive leadership, strengths-based leadership, and servant leadership. All these theories will teach you how to do leadership well and what the dominating traits of leadership are.

However, leadership is more than these theories. Although these theories are fine, still at the end of the day what matters is putting them into practice. Yes! Leadership is more of a practice and actions than theory.

How Leadership Is More Of A Practice?

Sometimes leaders are not made, they are born. If you have not learned leadership skills from any organization, it does not mean that you are incapable of becoming a leader. Certain attributes of leadership can be genetic and your skills just need to be practiced. Many leadership courses are conducted with plenty of knowledge but not skills. Leadership is more than knowledge and only proficient skills will make you an effective leader. 

  • Good Leadership Takes Practice 

All those successful leaders like Richard W. Warke believe in the practice of what you preach. You need to break your old habits and introduce new ones. Leadership is about growing and learning from your experiences. Since practice makes a man perfect, you will set an example of healthy self-development. 

  • Leadership Is About Turning Your Skills into Habits

Skills are what make you prosper and better at doing things. It’s interesting to figure out why millions of people seek training and development yet seem to have little effect. This is because they are not ready to execute their skills into practice. Some soft skills include problem-solving, time management, effective negotiation, and productivity. If you are an aspirant, it is wise to devote a little time from a day to develop your skills. Manage your priorities and focus on building strategic relationships.

  • Great Leaders Find Ways To Build Their Vision Into Reality

No matter how many inspiring courses you take or watch about the success of great entrepreneurs. If you are not honest and dedicated enough to turn your dreams into reality, you are surely missing out on something. Listing your goals on a piece of paper is quite easy, but what makes it a bit difficult is the act of constant inner work. Step out of your comfort zone and accept challenges. Don’t just study the strategy rather put it into practice like Richard Warke, who is conducting amazing mining projects through his expertise. That is what you call leadership. 


Leadership is more of a practice than a theory. You should practice what you are learning and make effective decisions. Instead of studying theories, improve your leadership skills since they are critical to making you stand out in any career. You need to polish your skills and become a critical thinker. Influence and praise other entrepreneurs and empower your people. Practice empathy and consistent application. 


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