Make your Cannabis Packaging Attractive: Here’s How

You may have noticed that there has been an increase in the number of cannabis products. Some countries have made these legal. They claim to have health benefits. Due to their popularity, many brands are producing these products. They should be able to stand out and get their items noticed if sales are to happen. Cannabis packaging should be designed attractively and attract the right customers towards it. For this, you will have to keep some points in mind.

Interesting facts about cannabis packaging

These are those boxes that the cannabis product is put in. They are made to be strong and are made with safe material. The boxes are designed to attract the right customers.

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Know who your customers are

If you want to design the perfect cannabis boxes, it is important to know who your potential consumer base is. When you know this, you can make boxes that they will be drawn towards.

When it comes to cannabis products, the consumers may mostly be adults and retirees. Both males and females may buy them. The packaging should be designed so that these people are drawn towards it.

Kids mustn’t get attracted to it and think that it is a product for them. You should therefore avoid having colors and designs that allure children.

The boxes should look serious. They must let adults know more about the product.


Cannabis packaging needs to be strong if you want it to keep the product safe. If your boxes are not able to provide safety to the item, packaging will have failed. The material should be one that does not have chemicals that can negatively affect cannabis and make it unfit for people to use.

Materials that can be considered include cardboard, corrugated cardboard, Kraft. These are sturdy and will keep the product safe.

They are also environmentally friendly and so the brand is seen as a decent one if it selects these. The many environmentally conscious customers present will be drawn towards the product. You will help customers limit their carbon footprint and be doing this yourself as well.

If you have an attractive design but the boxes are breaking, you will give the wrong impression to customers. Sturdy packaging shows that you care about providing quality stuff.

Details about the product

It does not matter what you sell, you need to let shoppers know what it is if sales are to happen. With cannabis products, you have to know what information people require and include this in the box. You can research this.

You may need to include what the product is. It can be cannabis oil, bath bomb, etc. State how much THC or cannabis is present. The quantity, warnings, etc. need to be given. You can state the ingredients that the product has. Instructions may be given that tell people how to use it. Only include those points that will help people out. If you add too much information, it confuses and makes the boxes look bad.

If there is an expiry date, tell this also. You can include points on why your product should be chosen Briefly state the advantages that it has. These encourage shoppers to want to try it. You have to be honest here if you want to get and keep customers.

Choose colors carefully

Color psychology is important and helps one feel a certain way. Brands must research what different colors mean and choose those that will attract their customer base.

Cannabis boxes can have natural colors like brown, green, which suggest the natural nature of the item. White can be used to show that it is a serious product and not one for kids. Natural shades may mostly be used as these give the feeling that the item is natural.

Different colors have different meanings like red suggests passion. Black is seen as a color of elegance and class in some areas and others, it is seen as one of evil. This is why you have to know what colors mean and who your customer base is.


The images you add to cannabis packaging may result in the box looking amazing or appearing unprofessional. You should choose the ones related to the product. Stay away from including popular cartoon characters as these attract kids and make them want to get the item. This has to be avoided.

Images can be those of nature, i.e. of the cannabis plant. Do not include too many as this will make the box look confusing. It is important to make customers’ life easy and let them immediately know about the merchandise.

Consider trends

Trends in the cannabis box industry must be looked at. They will help you get some ideas on what packaging solutions are attracting consumers and those that are failing. You should follow trends whilst designing something unique.

Because the product is mostly for adults, it is better to consider the minimalist trend. This is popular with products like these because it keeps packaging simple. Only those points that are important are included in the box. This helps people quickly know what the merchandise is and whether they need it or not. You can use a single color with a brand logo and make the packaging look amazing.

Brand awareness

The packaging should help increase brand awareness by including a company logo. The logo will help customers recognize which products are from your business.

Also state other contact information of the business like physical address, phone number, email address, social media links, etc.

Custom Printed Boxes can look attractive when you know how to design it. Keep your customers in mind when doing this. Only then can you make boxes that they will be drawn towards. The boxes should be strong so that the product can reach customers of excellent quality. Invest in the best material that will be able to give a good impression of the business. Choose the right color, images, etc. if you want the boxes to stand out in front of the competition.

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