This Tuesday, December 8 in Top Chef 2020!

The star chef of M6, Objectif Top Chef 2020, is of course known for his bloodshed. But Philippe Etchebest, beyond his stern gaze, also has a heart! In recent weeks, if need be, this has been proven on several occasions.

Philippe Etche best in tears in Object if Top Chef 2020

The determination of a candidate, last November 17, had brought tears to his eyes. And a month earlier, it was the situation of a widowed father who had thrown dust in the eye of Philippe Etchebest.

This Tuesday, December 8 in Top Chef 2020, after welcoming Emma, ​​a candidate not afraid to call her by a nickname, the chef had met Soumaila Again, this meeting could make the famous cook shiver, as the viewers. Soumaila has a particular story, which his family assistant, Stéphane, confides to Philippe Etchebest: the young man, 20, arrived in France four years from Côte d’Ivoire, without a family, with the ultimate goal of learning cooking, gastronomy.

His turn to tells his story.

I have been watching you on television since my childhood, when I was in Ivory Coast, explains the young man. I, cooking was my dream. So, I decided to come to France. I went through many countries: Burkina, Niger, Libya… I went through the Mediterranean, he explains, rewinding, then cracking under the weight of emotion.

Then resume: I went through everything to confront my idol of French gastronomy, I won everything. Generally verbose, Philippe Etchebest remained very silent this time, his eyes cloudy, while Soumaila told him about his past. It is very touching, Soumaila, what you are telling me, said the cook, deeply moved.

Alas, the beautiful story ended sooner than expected: to the chagrin of an overcooked chicken, Soumaila did not qualify for the duel. However, his presence in Objectif Top Chef 2020 was already a victory for life.

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