Secrets of Optimists To Stay Positive

They made it through 2020 not grumbling but rather with a smile. When others are in the dark, they prefer to see life on the bright side, no matter what. Five optimists confide what allows them to maintain the dynamic daily

it is often said that there are two categories of people: those who see the glass half empty and the others, who prefer to see it half full.

They have this trait that many envy them in the face of the crisis we are going through optimism. Either “a frame of mind which consists of seeing the good side of things, to find that all is for the best, to not worry about the present embarrassments and to augur well for the future”

According to the definition of the dictionary. But in practice, how were they able to overcome the year 2020? And how do they initiate the one that awaits us? Overview of their tips to apply daily.

Last March, with the approach of confinement, while some were biting their nails in anguish,
Anaïs was planning her exile in a house on the beach in Normandy. “It was obvious that I was not going to go through this situation, I wanted to be an actress of a positive moment,” she recalls.

Today, while her sector is suffering the full brunt of the crisis, the thirty-something, who has the chance to continue working, refuses to give in to the sirens of “ambient hysteria” and instead prefers to gain height on the situation

This is the opportunity to play sports at home, to eat less, drink less, and then quite frankly, I tell myself that in a completely different context, with the cold of January, I would not have had this vital need to go out every evening ”,

concedes- she.
If boredom awaits her, she concocts atypical activities, in compliance with sanitary rules: a 45 km bike ride or even a wetsuit swim in a sea at 16 ° C. “I have this superstition peculiar to my Algerian origins which leads me to believe that negative thinking does nothing good,”

positive to create

she admits. So I always prefer to favor the positive to create a virtuous circle. ”
Florence Servan-Schreiber, 57, journalist and author of Bloom: writing to flourish and enjoy (Ed. Marabout). For many years,

Florence Servan-Schreiber has applied the principles of positive psychology in her daily life and those of her readers, this “science of happiness” aimed at revealing our inner potential.
The journalist is convinced of this: human beings are capable of influencing their life and thus their optimism. Starting with the creation of rituals.

Having regular dates that make us feel good is an invaluable source of energy to deal with anything,

she says. A commitment to an artistic field, the cooking of a tasty meal, or a conversation with friends, according to her bring a reassuring lightness.

And the impact would be twofold if it is a new activity. “Nothing fuels our optimism more than having the feeling of progress,” she says.

For that, you have to take the plunge, confront something about which you know very little to feel yourself building a new skill. ”
Take a course, try origami tutorials or register for a writing workshop,

For example. The journalist also pleads in favor of intimate writing in her latest book. “By keeping a very brief but daily diary of our troubles, doubts, and successes,

it becomes easy and reassuring to see to what extent difficulties that seemed insurmountable to us have been dominated and for the most part already forgotten

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