Several Hollywood Stars Reacted This Week To The Brutal Arrest!!

Several Hollywood stars reacted this week to the brutal arrest of George Floyd, a black man who was killed on Monday in the city of Minneapolis, United States. Some of them have pledged to financially help those arrested and violence of the 46-year-old man. Hundreds of people still demonstrate to denounce the injustice and discrimination of the police.

The Minnesota Freedom Fund

A non-profit organization called “The Minnesota Freedom Fund” was created this week and put online to help individuals who have low financial income and who cannot afford to pay bail.

When a user on Twitter mentioned on the platform that he had just donated the US $ 50 and that he “strongly encouraged” others to do the same, actors Steve Carrell, Seth Rogen Ben Schwartz all tweeted. that they would match the donations.

Taylor Swift wants to ‘get out’ Trump

There have been several reactions in the American celebrity community since the events surrounding the death of George Floyd.

American singer Taylor Swift, for her part, promised Donald Trump that he would be beaten in the next presidential election and called for a vote against the outgoing president, outraged by the head of state’s comments on the riots in Minneapolis.

Taylor Swift was quoting part of the message tweeted Thursday by the US president which, referring to the protests in Minneapolis, appeared to threaten protesters with the use of armed force. When the looting begins, the shootings go off, Donald Trump tweeted.

“White racism”

Star Wars star actor John Boyega has made a plea against racism on his various social networks. He claimed that “WHITE on BLACK racism” has “ruined the world” which has sparked backlash about other forms of racism. The latter spoke again on this case, later, in a direct on his account Instagram, by raising the “white racism”.

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