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From the last few years, in which we were exalting our different Asian inhabitants, we also went through a big rise in harassment and violence against Asian seniority. IF we talk about New York City Human Rights Law, segregation, and harassment based on race, national root, age, and disability (including coronavirus victims) are illegal. Since the 1st case of COVID-19, China, and other Asian countries started being treated with an increase in instances of hostility and harassment.  

Struggles against Asian Hate

Anti-Asian and hate crimes have been raised at a massive level. By the time, these crimes are increasing rapidly. If we take a look at the ratio of these crimes from the past 2,3 we will come to know that, In 2019 there was only one incident reported, in 2020, thirty. From which sixteen were violent crimes. The limits were crossed when a report came in which it was clogged that between February and December of 2019, 30 bias incidents of anti-Asian discrimination and harassment were reported to the NYC Commission on Human Rights. By the time the number increased to 205 in 2020. 

NYC Commission is built for human rights, so if you face or see any harassment or hostility in housing or at work, just contact the NYC association, You can easily contact this organization by simply filling out the form given on their online websites. Moreover, if you are a victim or witness of a hate crime, call 911. If you belong to any other origin or language, they also provide interpretation services.

If we take a view at recent incidents, which just took place In January, an 84-year-old Thai American man was brutally hit in San Francisco and later died. That same month, Oakland police, California, said a young man killed 1 elderly person attacking from behind and propelled three aged people in the city’s Chinatown neighborhood. But this was not it, this week, a 36-year old Asian man in New York’s Chinatown neighborhood was aggressively knifed and admitted to the hospital in critical condition. The injured person in that ravishment faces charges that include attempted murder as a hate crime and assault as a hate crime, among other charges, the New York Police Department said. 

Organizations and their duties

There is a San Francisco-based group that performs its duty by ceasing AAPI hate and routes anti-Asian American and PacificPasific Islander lambasts, As well as it also ceases other community groups which are involved in Asian hate, such as Asian Americans Advancing Justice based in Washington D.C., in which altogether more than 3000 cases of anti-Asian attacks were recorded nationwide since march, during the COVID-19 pandemic first attack. From which about 100 cases were those that association hawkshaws recorded in the years prior.

That was because the anti-racism associations are often victimized during national crises, “We knew that we were all going to get bad very quickly”, that was said by Choi, “and we wanted to document it to understand the severity of it, who was being targeted, where and the magnitude of this problem so we could develop effective responses.”

According to the Choi report, almost 40% of all incidents took place in California, the place where nearly a third of all Asian  Americans live, it was a report from almost 47 states plus the District of Columbia. As a resultant report, Los Angeles and New York City have the highest number of these incidents.

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