The Actress Confided in Her Years of Hardship!

Difficulties in managing success, or lack of success, drug problems, break-up, depression!

Invited this February 19 on the set of Michel Cymes It will not come out of hereon France 2, the actress confided in her years of hardship which pushed her to consider the worst. The 61-year-old star has, in fact, mentioned his suicide attempt at the age of 29. I had a month of coma, I woke up, I had killed her and I was born and then, after that, it was all over. speed. I knew where my voice was, that I had to write, it was a metamorphosis. I obviously do not recommend that “, she said before adding:” It was not really desperation, it was very complicated, I wanted to turn off the light to go to a brighter room. Everyone was amazed, I was not at all desperate, I should have gone to a shrink maybe be”.

Whether it is a Cry for Help or Real Discomfort, Celebrities Sometimes Consider a radical solution to get out of their problems.

If the star has come to imagine the worst, it is mainly because of “fatigue”, she explained. I loved myself between 13 and 16 years old, after I understood how things were going, it didn’t interest me at all. It’s now that I analyze it, but I was not in a depression, I did not cry. The day before, I was with friends but I had decided … here … come on, I know the end of the story. I had seen the movie and I didn’t like it this movie, I was in the end credits, I felt like I had been cut in the edit of my life. I was the joy to live, I made everyone laugh, but I didn’t make myself laugh “. After which, the actress was saved by the Fernand Widal hospital.

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