The new way to serve soup

For a day after a party, a declaration of love or a tax, it is so comforting! This is also the opinion of Julien Ponceblanc who, in his Diary of a soup lover, tells through the menu his passion for veloutés, consommés, and other soups.

Julien Ponceblanc

With Julien Ponceblanc, soup is quite a story! Or rather stories. This ESSEC graduate has decided to dedicate his professional life to him, notably by creating Greenshoot, a brand of fresh soups. Better, today he devotes a passionate book to him, Diary of a soup lover(1).

In these pages, he declares his love for soups and other broths. Far from conceiving yet another practical bible on the subject, he chose to link each recipe to an experience or a season, like a diary or an almanac. “I wanted to evoke slices of life, to spend our time milling through soup recipes. But I also wanted to show that soup is a fabulous product, which allows for endless associations, depending on daily situations. It’s a bit like ice cream, my other love, ”he explains, blowing hot and cold.

He, therefore, delivers insightful ideas, adapted to moments of grace and depression that are common to all. A hangover? For Julien Ponceblanc, that of Sunday, February 6 is memorable. It is also the occasion of a text in the form of mea culpa – “I am so bad that I think I would prefer to die”


“I did not im por te quote ”-, which will lead to the creation of an antidote: the day after party soup, with cauliflower, coconut, cashew, and turmeric. Marriage is so enticing that it is also recommended on migraine-free days. As for the “Love Breaking Soup”, a rhubarb, raspberry, and Golden Syrup gazpacho imagined on May 11,

“I want to create a bond, a communion with the reader, by sharing moments that touch us all, insists Julien Ponceblanc. The “Evening tax return soup”, a cold consomme made from pink radish, lamb’s lettuce and coriander, is therefore deliberately sour! ” Added to this desire for linking is a penchant for travel

a good dose of humor and subversion. Caroline Faccioli’s photos, both refined and unexpected, reflect this bias. But also, of course, certain creations like the “Ronald” soup, born on Wednesday, April 6, spring day on which floats the irrepressible desire for a good big burger. Rather than feel guilty, Julien Ponceblanc imagined his balanced and creamy version of the Big Mac, which combines tomatoes, sweet and sour pickles, onions,

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