This square From the 2000s is Coming Back and Not Everyone is Going to Like it!

Among the myriad of forgotten trends that are making their comeback twenty years later, we had not seen the “POB” coming. However, this haircut considered old-fashioned has its revenge.

Short Square Layered

When we hear about “plunging square”, most of us automatically have the hairs that stand on end. Yes, the image of this 2006 trend paired with too heavy a balayage (and a nose piercing) could almost make us fall apart. Remember, Victoria Beckham, at the top of her bling-bling bimbo style, sports this cut that millions of women will copy her. A short square layered forward to let fall two long, tapered locks on each side of the face. At the time, the ex-Spice Girl even dyed herself blond and made an appearance in “Ugly Betty”. Ah, nostalgia when you hold us. A few months later, it is the leader of trends Rihanna who provides with a plunging black raven bob while she sings in the club her hit “Please don’t stop the music“. Strapless satin dress and quilted white clutch bag completed this well-dated combo. Let’s keep it short: the plunging square is indeed back, with a new name.


Yes, if everyone had thrown it into oblivion when the iPhones arrived in 2009, the eternal renaissance of old-fashioned styles gives the plunging square a second chance. But that the most recalcitrant be reassured, the plunging square plays it more discreet this time. For its 2021 version, the plunging square has even found a little name worthy of the “start-up nation”: the POB. A contraction of “plunging” and “bob” which means square in the language of Shakespeare. No more shaved neck this time, we only take the gradient of this cut which gives a very advantageous movement to the hair. But if you want to (again) succumb to glitter gloss and orange foundation, good luck.

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