Tips from Shrinks and Philosophers to Overcome the Next Few Days

The announcement of a curfew at 6 p.m. on the national territory sounds like a cleaver and undermines patience Two specialists in psychology and a philosopher list the good reflexes to adopt to live the period correctly. The curfew at 6 p.m. will be generalized throughout the territory from Saturday, January 16, and for at least two weeks. take a serious blow to morale, especially in this cold and gray period. “We are no longer in astonishment but in frustration.

iNfinite Weariness

It is immediate and generates, alongside anger and the will to disobedience, an impression of infinite weariness ”, creator of Montessori schools and author of Le voyage de Penelope, an odyssey of thought Before taking action underlines the professor of psychiatry and addictology at the University of Paris VII Michel Joyeux, “Emotionally, it’s dizzying but it is interesting to ask why to dissect this thought”, adds the philosopher Marie Robert.

The author recommends putting into words what one feels and taking the measure of it. Others have reconnected with spirituality or have become passionate about creative pursuits. “We have to cling to our values, to what in our eyes is worth living,” assures psychiatrist and psychotherapist Céline Tran When we become aware of them, write a word of encouragement, find out about an isolated person… Michel Lejoyeux associates this benevolent disposition with a form of “crisis egoism”. “There is nothing better to do yourself good and to rebuild a social network”, he sums up. “It decentres us from ourselves and thus helps to forget our own anxieties,” continues psychiatrist and psychotherapist Céline Tran.

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