The Actor Will Play a Certain Franck “Tomorrow belongs to us”

It blows like an air of change in the series “Tomorrow belongs to us”.

Series Tomorrow belongs to us will expand its cast in a few days by welcoming Franck Sémonin, well known for the role of Lucas Auriol in the Research Section. Will he join the ranks of the police station, already well occupied by Julie Debbazac, Franck Monsigny, and Sam Gharbi? Probably not. The actor will play a certain Franck – same man, same first name – on TF1

There will be mayhem among the Lazzari! It is not by chance that Franck Sémonin joins the merry band of Tomorrow belongs to us for the time of a scriptwriting ark. The 48-year-old actor, also seen in Plus Belle la vie in 2012 and 2013, is a huge fan of the series … at least by proxy. So much so that she watches the episodes in advance, she reads the spoilers on the Internet and follows the actors on Instagram. At 7 pm, I have to sit on the couch and watch with her, initially a bit forced, then I enjoyed it.

Ready anything for eyes.

And it will be necessary to be patient to discover in which intrigue cleverly put together Franck Sémonin will participate. The actor will make his debut in Tomorrow belongs to us on the occasion of the 819th episode of the program. For now, the Molina case seems to be closed since Luke has confessed to being the assailant of his own sister Charlie. On the other hand, a devious criminal, adept at home jacking – a type of burglary carried out in the presence of the owners of the place – terrifies the inhabitants of the city. Could there be a link between these dreadful trickeries and Franck’s sudden visit to the south of France? Only the future will tell us

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