Top 5 Kidswear Brands in Pakistan 2021

Dressing up kids is something that parents enjoy thoroughly. Earlier mothers used to purchase fabrics themselves and get girl dresses and boys kurtas stitched according to their kids’ specific sizes. The trend of mothers knitting kids sweaters and socks themselves was also quite prevalent. But now there are a plethora of kids clothing stores that offer ready-made kids dresses at affordable prices. So when you can get top-notch quality clothes of your choice without the hassle, what more can you ask for? 

Having said that, with so many well-established and emerging kids clothing brands in the market, it can be confusing to choose or decide which ones to visit and explore first. To guide you in the right direction, we’ve come up with a well-researched list of the top kids clothing brands in Pakistan at the moment. This would help save your time and allow you access to the best quality and variety at the best prices. So let’s get started!

Below are the Top 5 Kidswear Brands in Pakistan 2021

#1. Sapphire

In a very short span of time, Sapphire has emerged and proven itself as the top kidswear brand in the country. It covers everything from girls western tops to girls eastern wear and from boys pants to boys kurtas and much more. Don’t forget to check out their night suits. With them, it wouldn’t be hard to convince your kids to change and hit the bed. They are so amazingly comfortable and attractive! 

The boys dungarees at Sapphire are also a big hit. They’ll make your adorable kid look even cuter. And how can one forget the diverse range of eastern wear that’s available at this store? Whether you want to purchase embroidered girls kurtas or boys kameez shalwar, you’ll find an enormous variety of them at Sapphire. And don’t miss the colorful and smart waistcoats for boys in the Eastern wear category!

Also, Sapphire’s kids accessories section is not one to be skipped. After all, that’s the part that kids enjoy the most. So do explore their girls fancy clips, girls ponies and hairpins. With winters approaching, it would be wise to stock up some kids winter scarves and mufflers as well. Sapphire is your one-stop shop for all these and much more. So without further ado, visit the online Sapphire store and start adding to the cart. 

#2. Khaadi Kids

Khaadi is a well-known clothing brand. Earlier it was most popular for women’s clothes, but over the years, it has expanded to include and offer a lot more. This includes home decor, men’s clothing as well as that of kids. Khaadi Kids is one of the leading brands when it comes to Eastern kids outfits. So if you’re looking for traditional ghararas, kurtas and shalwar kameez sets, you’re sure to find an abundance of them at Khaadi Kids. The brand is known for its intricate embroidery and distinct styles. From newborn babies to ages up to 12, there are sizes to fit kids of all ages/sizes. And the best part is, all clothing (be it western or eastern, formal or casual) is priced economically. So do log on to the brand’s online boutique to view their latest collections.

#3. Minnie Minors

When talking about kidswear, it is not possible to not mention Minnie Minors. Ever since its launch back in 1998, the brand has given its competitors a run for their money. It was the first store of its kind that catered to kids clothing. What makes Minnie Minors so popular is the convenience it offers to its customers. It has all possible items that you can think of in kidswear. From casual wear such as boys denim to formal dresses and from night suits to shoes and accessories, the brand has everything covered for children aged 0 to 12 years. It has been consistent in terms of quality which is why it enjoys a very loyal customer base. 

#4. Hopscotch

The Pakistani brand Hopscotch specializes in kids clothing. The dresses it offers are for children aged 0 to 14 years. One of the most exciting features of this brand is that it has extremely attractive kids accessories. These include gorgeous bows, glittering belts, colorful socks and a lot more. On its online store, you will see the clothes categorized into sections according to age. 

The average price of clothes at Hopscotch are 1,000 to 5000 PKR. It’s extremely convenient to shop from Hopscotch as besides the outfit you also get to match everything that goes well with it. So if comfort shopping is your thing, Hopscotch would be quite suitable for you. 

#5. Rollover

Rollover is one of the most affordable kidswear options you can find in Pakistan. And no, there is no compromise on quality! The brand has an incredible range of party wear dress for girls. So if you’re planning to host or attend a party, check it out. 

Rollover also has unique designs in kids T-shirts, jeans, frocks as well as traditional salwar kameez. You will be surprised to know that at this outlet you can find very durable and good quality kids wear at prices as low as 500 PKR. How wonderful is that!


The above-mentioned brands cover anything and everything you need or wish to buy for your kids. Whether you want to shop for an upcoming birthday party, a wedding occasion, Halloween or the winter season, rest assured you’ll find the best kids wear at these stores. So what are you waiting for? Click on to visit their online stores and start your kids online shopping now!

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