Top Styling Tips For Your Lawn Suits This Summer Season

It’s time to dazzle and shine in summer, with shades of love and joy. Spring is around the corner and with hues of vibrant colors; you can now walk like a star in the exotic and serene designs of unstitched lawn from the summer collection everywhere.

Be an epitome of summer sensation with the fantastic themes this year in the lawn mania. The mesmerizing designs, digitally printed shirts, and dupattas to be draped around will bring out your true inner self.

If you are short of styling tips for your new unstitched lawn suits from the latest summer collection then don’t worry, we have some really classy and modern designing tips for all the girls dresses.

Flaunt your gorgeous dupatta

Dupattas bring out the life in your overall look when you wear it with your digital print shirt. Almost all brands bring out a variety of base material and mesmerizing designs in their dupattas. Style your dupatta like a ravishing kimono over your digital print shirt, and wrap it around your waist and secure it with a sleek belt for a fashion ramp look. 

If you want to carry your chiffon, lawn, or silk duppata in the traditional way, i.e. over the shoulders, around your arms, or as a head cover, then there are some amazing styling ideas for you. You might want to add some fringe laces that come in many designs and shapes such as overlapping loops, triangles etc.on the borders and edges as per your liking. Adding tassles on all 4 corners also adds the oomph factor in your overall suit and will look no less than women’s ready to wear formal dress. 

Motifs and Embroidered organza patch works

The latest trend and convenience for the customers is the readymade patches of embroidery on organza. These patches accentuate the overall look of dresses for women, when sewn on the neck line. However it’s not necessary that you style these readymade motifs and patches only on the neck line as per the model wearing the 2 piece suit in the catalogue. 

The purpose of the patches that come with these unstitched lawn suits is so that you may style them as per your sense of fashion. So why not use this opportunity and be a little more experimental with summer suits for women. 

You may add these patches on the edges of your pants, or trousers, or even sleeves or might as well get it stitched as a side patch on some other plain solid kurti in order to reuse it. 

Style your pants

The ready to wear section often has great variety of pants to go with the lawn suits and can also be mixed and matched with pret clothes. 

However, you may style your pants with some latest ideas from the unstitched lawn suits. Cigarette pants, bell bottoms and capris are too main stream. You can design your pants in so many ways. Tulip shalwars are so common but we don’t recommend them for this summer season as they now look highly tacky. With such unique patterns, intricate embroideries and reminiscing shirt and dupattas designs, only signature straight pants or qulots would look elegant with them. Traditional shalwars are back and they are timeless and elegant at the same time and go along with any shirt design. 

You can add a few organza laces to a step-down layer or add a few laces of your choice to add some life to the pants. Throw in some fancy button, or add some striped laces for an edgy look to give your ladies dress a high-profile look. 

Long VS Short girls dresses

Long gone are the days when short shirts were a trend, or floor touching long shirts were all the hype! 

The latest lawn trends is all about adding layers to your outfit and make it look extremely gorgeous and in fact perfect for formal wear How can you achieve a swoon worthy outfit?

The secret to making it look extremely classy is by adding in step-down layers of laces and patched of different contrasts. You don’t necessarily have to make your digital print shirt look long or short. Another designing hack for a cheaper copy of the designer wear dresses is to just copy the designing and cut lines that are similar to Pakistani fancy dresses with prices being high. We all have done that probably, so why not do it and add some personal touch to it as well. 

With a fusion of inspired designs and vast color palettes, this year’s lawn collection of unstitched suits and pret clothes is worth all the hype. After all, the previous year was pretty much gloomy and depressing, so it’s time to celebrate spring season with vibrant colors flowing on your outfit. 

Now is the time to go look for the latest online shopping websites in Pakistan to pre-book the latest and unique designs for summer. 

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