Trump Say Again That He Will Win Election!

The Disturbance in the USA Election

This is a turning point in this very eventful post-election period in the United States. For more than two weeks and the official projection of Joe Biden as president-elect, Donald Trump has been fighting with legal recourse to shed light, according to him, on a rigged election. A fight more and more difficult to hold: for a certain number of days already, several of these procedures have been killed in the bud and above all, the latest official results of certain states, such as Michigan, have been certified … in favor of Joe Biden.

Donald Trump Block Everything

Increasingly isolated even within his own camp, it had become almost untenable for Donald Trump to block everything in this way, the tradition in the United States wanting that the outgoing president facilitates the transition until the inauguration of his successor in January, in particular by giving him access to information classified as defense secrets in order to better prepare for his arrival at the White House. It is now done. The Republican billionaire, on the night of Monday to Tuesday, gave the green light to the process of transition to a Biden administration, one of whose members was satisfied to be able to put in place “a peaceful transfer of power without a hitch “.

President Trump

Towards coordination on the management of the Covid

Donald Trump has vowed to continue his “just fight” to expose the alleged fraud, “nevertheless, in the best interests of our country, I recommend” that the government agency responsible for Joe Biden’s team, who are already working on the composition of the next government, will thus be able to have access to ultra-sensitive data concerning the security of the United States. But that’s not all. So far, the Trump administration has blocked dialogue, especially regarding the management of the Covid-19 crisis, Joe Biden’s top priority when he came to power. Coordination of the two administrations on the subject is therefore expected.

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