What should I check before buying air conditioner?

With the scorching heat of June and July to arrive anytime soon, it has become important for every household to make necessary arrangements for indoor cooling. Hence, you should consider adding one to your home already to make yourself feel comfortable.

Energy-saving should be the priority

In Pakistan, it is quite common that when summer arrives, the electricity bills are always on the higher side for this time period, primarily due to the increase in usage of air conditioners. But if you have been facing high electricity bills, you should consider only those home appliances brands in Pakistan for air conditioners that are energy saving.

The latest air conditioners come with various cooling capacities of 1 ton and 1.5 tones. 1-ton ac is considered optimal for a room of 150 square feet. The electronics market has plenty of various models in various sizes and capacities. The 1-ton ac price is one of the most economical and affordable in terms of the 1-ton ac price in Pakistan. Here are below some of the best room cooling air conditioners keeping in view the best cooling and high energy efficiency with very affordable ac price.

Pioneer DC Inverter

The latest model of Pioneer DC inverter air conditioner 1 faster air cooling and comes with cooling capacities of 1 ton and 1.5 tons. It is a dc inverter air conditioner and therefore highly energy-efficient (up to 85% energy saving capabilities) controlling your electricity bills in summers. The 1-ton ac model is ideal for small rooms and comes at a quite economical price as compared to another 1-ton ac price in Pakistan. This model comes with the following attractive features:

  • DC Inverter Technology
  • Lifetime compressor warranty
  • Compatible with UPS and generator
  • Low voltage operation
  • Gives a 4D Air Flow

This inverter for air conditioner has 4D airflow which enables air circulation in the entire room. It operates on low voltage and is also compatible with UPS and generator both, in case of load shedding. This model also offers the best warranty options in this ac price for the compressor (a lifetime warranty) which is the most expensive part of an air conditioner and a 1-year warranty of parts and gas filling which is a huge saving on one’s pocket considering inverter ac price in Pakistan. It is also very quiet in terms of motor noise and lets you enjoy a sound sleep in a cooler and comfortable environment.

Leader Ultron Smart DC Inverter AC

The Leader Ultron smart DV inverter AC comes with the biggest indoor unit and has the feature of 4D airflow. This new Leader Ultron smart Inverter AC evenly spreads cool air in the room. The 1-ton ac price in Pakistan is quite economical in terms of comparable ac price in Pakistan. The following key features make it an ideal ac in Pakistan for the summer season

  • Bigger indoor unit for efficient functioning
  • 4D airflow for even air throw
  • Low voltage consumption for relatively reduced electricity bills
  • Provides up to 80% energy saving

The huge blower in the unit allows for the cool air to reach at a wide-angle in the whole room making it an excellent and affordable choice for rooms with bigger size such lounges, drawing, and dining room. Using an inverter for air conditioner operates on low voltage, making it an energy-efficient home appliance and can be used with UPS and generator both. It comes with smart features which allows the consumer to control the air conditioner’s operations. With this, you can easily track the ac usage which in return helps you to conserve energy and control your bills.

This model when purchased comes with a 10 years compressor warranty and a 1-year warranty for its spare parts and gas filling making it one of the best and affordable home appliances brands in Pakistan.

Optima DC Inverter Air Conditioner

The most popular and affordable air conditioner in the market right now is Optima DC inverter air conditioner which has both the features of heating and cooling, thus making it optimal for both hot summers and chilly winters. It comes with the following smart and latest features giving you one of the best room cooling experience:

  • Inverter technology
  • Low voltage operation
  • Ideal for both hot and cold weather
  • Eco-Friendly and Energy Efficient

It is also an eco-friendly air conditioner model enabling to keep the environment clean. It has higher cooling efficiency by providing 3 times cooling, making it one of the best home appliances brands. At the same time, it is noiseless thus enabling you to enjoy a sound sleep with cool air.

It also has a built-in WiFi kit and smart features which enables the ac to interact with the consumer. The consumer can interact with the unit via application software, where you can remotely operate the AC and control the room temperature as well. It can also be integrated with Facebook and WhatsApp assisting you in predicting the cost of usage. It also comes with a self-diagnostic feature to let you know if there is something wrong.

Online shopping

Almost all emerging home appliances brand in Pakistan are offering the facility of online shopping and delivery along with free delivery and zero installation charges following all COVID-19 SOPs. You just need to visit the website and do online shopping and the order will be dispatched within 24 hours. You can browse the latest collection of both inverter ac 1.5 ton along with 1 ton as per your requirement.

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