Why Are People Choosing Fusion Wear?

The trend of fusion fashion has permeated the local fashion scene in Pakistan. Fusion fashion has emerged as a sizeable and advantageous fashion segment in recent times. Women want to pay homage to their indigenous roots while still following every new fad there is on the market. The crossover appeal compels a lot of style enthusiasts to experiment with their style. Many brands in Pakistan have dedicated categories where they sell exclusively fusion wear. For example, Limelight’s Kurti collection is a great example of that. Moreover, Ethnic’s and Generation’s ‘fusion’ collections are really great options too. You can buy fashion fusion online from them by checking out their website. In case you are on the hunt for the next aesthetic you want to try or searching outfit ideas for women in your browser, this list can definitely help you out.

Ideas for fusion fashion

Here are some of the most trendy and Instagrammed fusion outfits that you can try for fusion fashion ideas 2021. Don’t be afraid to experiment and mix and match pieces from different cultures.

The age of saree pants

Saree Pants are a prime example of fusion fashion. They reflect manual dexterity with a contemporary outlook and comfort. Sarees are the epitome of south Asian fashion silhouette that women have been donning for centuries. Draping a saree when paired with structured slacks creates a paradox of sorts lending both grace and glamour to the wearer. A lot of celebrities have endorsed this trend which has led to its extreme popularity in the metropolitan areas. This sophisticated saree pants combo represent the modern women of South Asia who are not afraid to try new things and want to be distinguished in a crowd with their head high. Sarees are living art that represents the passing of an age-old tradition and combining it with pants adds a modern twist that is fun, quirky and doable.

You can pair your traditional saree with statement blouses like those comprising of puffy floral sleeves or even wear your western tops e.g. halter neck tops, off-the-shoulder or cold shoulder tops or even tube tops. These are great options for summer wedding dresses. Saree pants are an ideal choice for a destination wedding or wedding events where you want to look classy and elegant yet with a bit of spice. Use minimal jewelry and makeup to make your saree pants combination the star of the show everywhere you go.

Elevated Basics

One way to hop on the fusion fashion bandwagon is to use what you already own in your closet. You can create contrasting looks with pieces you already have. Blue jeans and a white shirt is a classic combo. You can complement your look by pairing it with oxidized Afghani neck chokers to create a pinnacle style statement. Another way to create a paradox of eastern and western elements is to use a traditional textile design such as tropical, bohemian, Paisley, African tribal, Art Deco, Greek key with a very contemporary cut or design. Variation of the silhouette of a fashion piece is how you completely transform summer dresses. Combining such contemporary silhouettes with indigenous prints create a striking and contrasting effect. 

Moreover, you can add distinct ethnic touches to a modern piece to create a fusion look. For example, traditional Balochi embroidery on a denim jacket to create a fusion look. Similarly, you can revamp your fit with mere accessorizing. If you are wearing a basic tee and jeans, you can add Hyderabadi bangles or even jhumk is. Similarly, you can wear tribal jewelry when styling for power dressing. This way you are sorted for the festive season with these styling techniques.

The kurti craze

Kurtis are an amalgamation of east and west. Although ethnic in outlook through its embroidery and cut, the short length gives the illusion of a contemporary element. Thus they are favored by the younger crowd i.e. the millennials. They add such outfits even to their trousseau for formal events owing to the easy breezy way you can pull those off. Featuring lush fabrics with luxurious embroidery but in a western cut can create a voguish statement for you. You can enhance your allure with dreamy ensembles having timeless elegance with a modern twist.

In case of casual wear, Kurtis are a great option you can wear to university or work. Pair them with dark ash or light wash denim and you are sorted for the day while looking quirky yet like someone who can conquer the day. Style them with kolapuris and hoops for an effortless and casual outlook. Invest in a few good quality ones and wear them over the season. You can even wear cambric and cotton trousers for the hot and scorching days. This is a great idea for cheap summer dresses.

Fashion fusion 2021 is one of the biggest trends of this year owing to its versatility and originality. Create fun outfits from your already existing wardrobe or invest in a few new pieces. No matter what you mix and match, just remember to have fun!

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